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Logbook Loans

The Log book Loans 365 service is the brilliant way to get £500 to £100,000 fast! You can get cash at lower APRs than Payday lenders will offer and can also borrow money regardless of your credit status.

Logbook Loans 365 is Britain's leading lending specialist because motorists love our friendly team, who can make decisions fast. We promise that we will NEVER discriminate against your credit history or let a computer say: "No".

Even if you have no proof of income, we can still recommend alternative products to release cash from your car.

We GUARANTEE never to carry out any credit checks - and we can also lend against Vans, Motorbikes, Motorhomes!

"The Logbook Loans lending team so swift & friendly they could give Usain Bolt a race!"

"The team at Logbook Loans 365 actually took the trouble to understand my situation. They helped me get me the dough I needed before my bills got out of control. And the cash was so much cheaper each week than the Payday lender I used to turn to in a tight spot.

"No hanging about, no last-minute let-down, no broken promises! To me, that's what really mattered."

Adriana Anderson, 28, mum-of-three, Camberwell, South East London.

Total Amount of Credit:


Total Amount Repayable:


Representative % APR:


Fixed annual interest rate:


Total loan length/duration:

78 weeks

Number of installments:

78 x £42.53


Legal Information: The entire contents of this website, including text, branding and images and other associated content including trademarks are all protected by Copyright enforced by Copyscape. Our lawyers are watching. Representative Example facts & figures: Log book loans 365 are 100% committed to the principles of fair and responsible lending practice and refer to approved and vetted partners licensed and approved by the OFT and Consumer Credit Trade Association. All Loan Applications are granted subject to status. Living up to these principles is at the very core of Log Book Loans 365 aims to do - offering access to credit to individuals excluded by the traditional banking system. Log Book Loans 365 does not directly offer any financial products, but refers customers to companies that are registered with the Office of Fair Trading and hold a Consumer Credit Licence. All loans granted subject to affordability. Proof of income will be required. A Log Book loan is secured against your vehicle, which may be repossessed if you do not make payment. You should be aware in the interests of total 100% transparency that your vehicle will be at risk if you fail to fulfill your legal obligations to make payments. Loans are granted on a term of 18 months. In some cases lenders may impose fines for late payment reminder & request letters and/or phone calls according to the terms and conditions of the contract you enter into. We do not have a renewal policy.