How can LogbookLoans365 help me and is your product suitable for me?

Below are some of the most frequent questions which visitors like you ask our friendly team of Logbook experts every day!

Still no Luck? If you have further questions which still are not answered here, please pick up the phone or chat online to our friendly team to clarify 100% your query.


1 Q. How soon can I get the cash?
A. We pride ourselves as being the only logbook loan service in the UK that can enable you to release the cash you need often within hours of your application. A turnaround time of 24 hours is realistic for less urgent deals.

2 Q. How do I apply?
A. Fill out our easy application form on the right or simply lift the telephone to seek advice from one our friendly Logbook Loan experts – who are dedicated to finding you best solution to your cash needs.

3 Q. Can you really get me the cash I need within 24 hours?
A. Absolutely, once the paperwork is completed the funds will be in your bank account within minutes. If necessary, we can even pay you out in hard cash!

4 Q. Is there any insurance product bundled with your loans?
A. No. LogbookLoans365 are dedicated to total transparency to keep things simple! Unlike high street banks, our friendly team will never try to rip you off by bundling expensive PPI  or other unnecessary insurance packages that do not meet your specific needs.

5 Q. Will you contact my employer or carry out credit checks on me?
A. We will never contact your employer without your prior permission. We NEVER carry out humiliating credit checks that can taint your credit status and do not discriminate against anybody.

6 Q. Can I get a loan if I have CCJs or a blotted credit history?
A. Absoultely! We release cash against the value of your vehicle. We never discriminate against valued clients because of problems they may have run into with high-street banks or credit car companies in the past.

7 Q. Can I get a loan if I do not have a bank account?
A. No problem at all; every day we help customers who have been discriminated against by the high street banks through no fault of their own to meet their cashflow needs.

8 Q. Is my application confidential?
A. Yes, 100%. We know your cash requirements are very personal and private and will never disclose this information to unauthorised parties.

9 Q. Does it matter how old my car is?
A. We normally lend against vehicles aged less than 10 years old. We also unlock cash from older cars as well as motorcycles, vans, trucks, motor homes – and even Boats!

10 Q. Can I keep driving my car while I am repaying the loan?
A. Yes, of course. You keep the car and can carry on driving while we hold onto the logbook until you decide you are ready to repay your loan.

11 Q. Do you penalise for early settlement?
A. No, Never. We guarantee there is absolutely no penalty for settling early. Many of our regular customers do this and we charge you only for the months that you have the loan.

12 Q. Do you lend to tenants, or non-homeowners
A. Of course; your residential status is no concern of ours because we are lending against your vehicle not a property.

13 Q. How do I make repayments?
A. We can accept most forms of payment including Debit Cards. These also include cash into our branches or any branch of Barclays Bank. We also accept postal orders, bankers draft, debit cards and standing order payments.

14 Q. What happens if I run into difficulties?
A. Our customers keep us in business and are very valuable to us. So a LogbooksLoan365 lender works very closely with any clients who do not manage to make all their repayments on time to find the fastest and fairest solution for both of us.

When customers fail to keep up their repayments or make any effort to pay, it’s bad for LogbookLoans365 business and bad for our valued customer, so we always do everything in our power to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of both parties.

Of course, all our customers know that if they make no effort to repay what they owe ultimately their vehicle is the security against which their loan has been secured so in extreme circumstances we will need to repossess the asset to protect our other customers who are playing fair.

15 Q. What happens if you have to sell my vehicle?
A. Selling your vehicle is always a last resort solution, however in the very unfortunate event that this does become necessary or you choose to surrender the car to us, we will strive to get the best possible price and any surplus will be refunded to you.

16 Q. I am self-employed can I still get a loan?
A. Yes. In fact, many  of our customers are self-employed and have opted for our convenient service to avoid being let down and having their time wasted by high street banks who fail to help them.

17 Q .Which Company is the leading logbook lender in the UK?

A. LogbookLoans365 is the leading Logbook Loan lending specialist in Britain. Why? motorists know they can rely on our service - thanks to our friendly and flexible staff who actually want to help.

18 Q. Where can I find out more?
A. Email info@logbookloans365.co.uk or call Customer Service –  0800 088 4394.