Financial Stress – Is there a way out?

Financial stress has become one of the biggest concerns for British consumers according to research carried out by MoneySupermarket. With many of us being forced off work through illness or grave family matters, financial-stress in these economic times has increased.

Most of us will have savings to dip into, or perhaps rely on our employers for support. But even the most generous of firms are going through financial difficulites and with the inevitability of savings running out, we simply do not have enough to sustain ourselves in these tough times.

It is said that up to 34 per cent of UK adults feel stress on a daily basis as a result of their financial situation. With the UK inflation remaining unchanged at 2.7 per cent, many of our wages have not risen to match this. Coupled with the rise in train fares for commuters and energy price increases, many of us will find it difficult to make ends meet.

Way out: Log book Loan? 

This type of loan is secured against your car, and you can borrow a loan that is valued against your car.  In many situations, an individual can borrow up to £100,000 – more than enough cover outstanding bills and other expenditure we may be struggling with.

What are the benefits of log book loan?

Once an applicant has borrowed their desired amount, they can still use their car, and at the same time they will also be paying far less interest on the loan. Log book loans charge around 90% less than payday loan firms, making it a more financially viable option if considering other ways to obtain finance and budgeting.

In some cases, you might find that log book loan companies will charge additional fees after an individual has taken out a loan. These are obviously un-helpful and not considered when obtaining the loan. Here at logbookloans365, we provide our clients with a transparent and quality service, from the minute you take out a loan.


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