Car insurance prices surge!

Towards the end of 2012, many women across Britain enjoyed lower car insurance than men, due to statistical evidence proving women make fewer claims. However, the European Court of Justice’s Gender Directive passed a policy whereby insurance companies could no longer take gender in to account when charging customers.

This has brought about mixed reaction from insurers as many young women could find their next renewal to be substantially more.  Young drivers are expected to be hit the hardest as they are statistically more like to cause a serious accident which triggers big claims. It is thought that the average insurance for drivers up to the age of 22 is around £1400 and this could rise by 15% following this ruling.

According to the AA, not only will drivers have to contend with an insurance price rise, but similarly the fuel prices have not changed that much from the beginning of 2012. UK is said to have the eighth highest price in Europe and the second highest in diesel prices.

With affordability increasingly becoming more difficult many Britons are seeking other alternative methods of finance. One method they have chosen is Log book loans.

Log book loans have made it easier, cheaper and more secure for individuals looking to take out finance. It’s a simple process whereby a loan is secured against your car. All that is required is that the individual owns the car and the car is free of finance. The individual then gets to maintain use of the car whilst keeping within the agreement.

With people experiencing financial difficulty, many have found their credit ratings are being affected. Here at logbookloans365, we look to accommodate any individual regardless of their credit history.

A log book loan is a cheaper way to secure a loan. Payday loans is another alternative. However, many have found log book loans to be 93% cheaper than payday loans as well as also being more easily accessible.

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