Phone users shock at bill amount

26 year old Chris Bovis was certainly surprised when he received his monthly phone bill. His defective iPhone sent and received high volumes of data resulting in a £19,000 bill.

Although there was a comical side to the situation, the telecommunications company tried to debit his account for the £19,000, but the transaction was blocked.

Mr Bovis stated: “My first reaction was to laugh as I just could not believe it…” Apple, the iPhone’s manufacture agreed to replace his phone after agreeing that the device was at fault. He later received an apology from his telecommunications provider.

As much as this was slightly comical, some bills that are unexpected are harder to reduce to zero. With all the price hikes, many people are finding it difficult to spread the cost of their household bills.

Traditional lenders such as banks, are increasingly tough on their lending as the risk has grown amongst consumers ever since the recession hit. Therefore, this has led consumers to find other avenues for financial borrowing, and log book loans have subsequently seen a popular rise.

So what exactly are log book loans? They are loans which are secured against your car, giving you access to a large sum of cash (£100,000 in some instances.)

Payday loans have also been considered an alternative to main stream lenders. However, log books loans are 93% cheaper.  For all of these benefits, in addition an instant loan, protection from long contracts and early settlement fees, Logbookloans365 may be a beneficial option to many.

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