Unemployment? Wages? What are my options?

‘Unemployment’ is term being branded around the press of late. Its not new to the British economy as the sharpest quarterly drop in a decade was recorded. There are many individuals feeling a bit more than just a ‘pinch’ at the moment. It doesn’t bode well either when the Chancellor, George Osborne isn’t providing many positive future solutions.

Moreover, those in employment have found that their wages have not risen with the level of inflation. It was reported by the Guardian, that the ‘Bank of England’s chief economist, Spencer Dale, said workers were much worse off than they were before the financial crisis began five years ago’.

It is also speculated that by 2020 families who are dependent on benefits will see their annual income drop by 1.7%. Those that are considered top 50% income tax households will see their living standards grow by 0.2%. To many this doesn’t seem fair, especially if the poor are getting poorer.

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