Britain Halted By Cold Freeze

Log book loansNearly 5,000 schools have been close. Many main roads have been covered in thick snow and ice, making it impassable to vehicles. Several airports have also been affected including Heathrow. Some families have even been snowed in.

Its not always a lovely “snowy and snuggly” scenario during the winter season. The cold snap has made it a nightmare for many people. Businesses cannot operate as staff are unable to travel into work or deliveries are cancelled because of dangerous roads.

Furthermore, many homes have had to increase their heating needs due to the unprecedented levels of low temperatures. It has been reported by the BBC that some parts of the country we experiencing levels of -10 degrees.

Many people have had to increase their use of energy, the food expenditure (in case of being snowed in) plus the purchasing of safety equipment for vehicle tyres – all this has made individuals a little less better off during this cold snap.

Traditional lenders have been reluctant to assist consumers ever since the financial recession. This has led to people looking for other methods to help them through emergency situations.

One alternative method is Log book loans. This is whereby a loan is secured against your vehicle. It is 93% cheaper than payday loans, and the criteria of application is flexible enough to grant applicants a loan despite bad credit histories and CCJs.

The fundamental requirements are that the vehicle is owned by the applicant and that it is free of finance. So if you are experiencing hardship during this cold wintery period, seek an alternative finance method thats affordable and accessible.

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