How can I get a Logbook loan?

Our current economic climate has made it difficult for everyone when it comes to organising finances. One difficulty Britain has been facing is the fear associated with the word ‘loan‘.

The Government has various different initiatives running at the moment to assist families and individuals to with their finances in the form of loans. One of these schemes is centred on small business start-ups.

However, many people associate a loan with the current troubled economy. To get a loan for instance is deliberately putting yourself in far worse off position. It was reported on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, that Britons need more education on matters of applying for a loan. As opposed to being worse off, the loans are in place to help an individual get to the next step which would require a financial input – ‘capital’ for instance.

Logbook loans have been found to be a financial product that many people have decided to apply for. Why? The loan type is described as a secure loan against ones vehicle. Depending on the value of the vehicle, an applicant can gain fast, easy and access large amounts of money – in some cases up to the value of £100,000.


One benefit of this type of loan is that the individual still gets to use their own vehicle for the duration of the loan agreement. Secondly, logbook loans are cheaper than typical loans, which tend to charge high levels of interest. Logbook loans charge around 90% less interest than payday loans for instance.

However, in some cases it has been found that some companies are charging additional fees after the agreement, making it more difficult and complicated for the applicant. Here at, we operate in a transparent way, making sure the applicant knows exactly what they are paying for.

So how do applicants qualify? Its straight forward! If an applicant owns a vehicle that is free of finance, they will be eligible for a loan. If the applicant has a bad credit history or CCJ’s they will still be able to obtain a loan.

Receiving a loan has never been so easy. This type of loan offers an accommodating criteria meaning  many applicants are able to take out a financially suitable option.

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