‘January blues’ in London!

Following the celebrations of festive the season a lot of people feel incredibly low when going back work in January. Whether or not ‘the January Blues’ are recognised as a medical syndrome, this January many will feel a level of certain lowness.

The reasons behind this lowness lie in the heart of the British economy. After completing what could be terms as a very difficult financial year of 2012, there aren’t a lot of positive financial developments. It was reported by Which? that Brit households would spend on average £835 on Christmas.

Now many Londoners are expected to struggle further as London was voted as one of the worst cities for value for money. Many Londoners will be rushing to sign up to their gym memberships, look for new jobs, start dieting and look for holidays.

All of this leads to the spending of more money.  With the struggling economy and financial cuts occurring nearly everywhere we look, you couldn’t help but notice how much all of this is fueling the ‘January Blues’.

Furthermore a lot of people will want their money to stretch that little bit further, and this may involve sourcing new financial methods. Banks are one way of method of new finance, but only if you can pass the stringent borrowing criteria. Payday loans are another method, but you could spend more than you budget for. Lastly, Logbook loans are another method – which of recent, has seen a steady rise in popularity.

Logbook loans provide applicants with a loan that is secured against a car they own. The process of application is not stringent and difficult; as one requirement is that the car is free of finance. They also are 93% cheaper than Payday loans. Applicants can also apply for up to £100,000 dependable on the value of the car. Lastly, this agreement permits you to drive our car throughout the duration of the loan agreement.

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